Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What happens during the initial consultation?

A. Our initial consultations help us get to know our clients better- it is a very important part of our service. During this time we will go over our policies and procedures with you, have you sign our service agreement, and record important emergency and veterinary contact information. If you plan on using us for last minute appointments, please provide us with a spare key, that we may hold on to, during the consultation meeting.

Q. How do I go about payment?

A. Your pet sitter will collect payment on or before your first scheduled service. It is best to pay on the free consultation if services are scheduled. At the moment we only accept cash.
You will receive a confirmation email of your payment shortly after payment is maid.

Q. Do I make reservations with my pet sitter directly?

A. No.  Please call the business office for reservations or cancellations.  You may contact your pet sitter directly to check in on your pets while he/she is pet sitting for you.  However, please do not schedule new pet sitting or cancel appointments with the pet sitters.  This leads to billing errors and/or missed appointments.   Please note:  Pet sitters are representatives of the company and have signed a non-compete agreement.  At no time are they allowed to solicit business from clients referred to them by the company.  If they do so, or if they accept pet sitting jobs “on the side,” they are at risk of losing their jobs and/or being prosecuted for employee theft.  This is necessary to protect the business.

Q. What kind of services do you offer?

A. We offer daily dog walking for the busy dog owner, as well as a variety of options for dog owners who have to leave the dog behind when they go on a trip. We are happy to visit your pets in their home, or take them into our home. For more info on our services please click here.

Q. Can I work out a custom plan to suit my pets needs?

A. Of course! We are willing to work with you to figure out a visit plan, as well as a price plan. We want your pet to be as comfortable as possible while you are away.

Q. Do you also care for small animals?

A. Yes, our pet sitters are comfortable with working with animals of all different types. Many of our pet sitters have experience with pets outside of cats and dogs, and would love to care for your small rodents, birds, reptiles, fish, or any other small pets within your family.

Q. Do you also care for large animals such as horses?

A. Yes, some of our pet sitters have a background full of horse care, and would be happy to assist you.

Q. Is it really safe to allow someone in my home while I'm away?

A. Yes. All of our pet sitters go through background checks before they are hired. Additionally, our pet sitters can provide you with many great references from happy clients.

Q. Should I make a copy of my key for the pet sitter?

A. Yes please, it is really best for us if you make a key copy. When we have a copy of your key, we can come by any time that you will need us to.
We keep a tag of your pets name on the key, and we keep them safe when they are not in use. We will never enter your home unless you ask us to.

Q. I don't want my pet sitter to hold onto my key. Can they drop it off to me when I get home?

A. Of course. However, we charge a $10 key drop off fee.

Q. What if I need to cancel my pet sitting reservations?

A. To cancel pet sitting appointments, please give us at least 24 hours notice.  Regular fees will apply if the pet sitter travels to your home and you are already there and did not cancel.

Q. Will I have the same pet sitter on every visit?

A. Every effort is made to assign one pet sitter to each client’s household.  However, a back-up sitter will be sent to your home should your sitter
be ill, have an emergency, be on vacation, or have scheduling problems.  The back-up pet sitter will be in touch, if possible, with your regular pet
sitter and will have access to all of the pet care and home care information in your file.

Q. Can I leave my pet sitter a tip?

A. Of course!  If you feel your pet sitter took good care of your pets and home, please show them your appreciation by leaving a tip, card, etc. 
You may leave them cash or a check made payable to them directly, or you may include a tip in your payment to the company and it will be
forwarded 100% to your pet sitter.

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